Rollin' Stone Daily Menu

We use the only freshest ingredients in all of our Rollin’ Stone creations. They are free of additives and preservatives and are completely made-to-order by our talented truck staff.

Our delicious tacos are made-to-order in two distinct styles; TRUCK STYLE and STREET STYLE.

STREET STYLE: Onions, Cilantro, Lime Wedge, and Queso Fresco
TRUCK STYLE: Pico De Gallo, A Blend of Mexican Cheese, Grilled Onions and Poblanos, Jalapeno Cream and Clilantro

French Fries

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Brisket Street Taco

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Truck Style Chipotle Citrus Chicken Taco

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Chips & Salsa

Street Corn

Classic Slider

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Whatever you choose!

Be 100% sure, that our Food is entirely made of biological ingredients

menu and prices vary and are subject to change